F&V HG45-2 Z800 Hunajakenno 45°

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Hunajakenno F&V Z800 ja K8000 LED-paneeleille

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Control the beam angle of 1×2 LED panel lights with the HG45-2 Honey Comb Grid. This grid narrows the beam of the light down to 45 degrees. The grid uses the new push-button mounts featured on the K1200 SE, K8000 Power, and Z800S Soft. Simply snap on the grid and it’s secured to the light. To remove, press the buttons on each of the corners on the light. On the front of the grid is a clear plastic protector to help prevent damage to the metal grid.

NOTE: The HG45-2 is only compatible with lights that use the new push-button corner mounts. If your light has the old style of mounting corners please contact us on how to upgrade your light to enable you to use the full range of grids and barn doors.

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