Markus Henttonen - Twisted Tales - Road to Hope

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The new series from Finnish photographer Markus Henttonen is a complex journey through landscape, time and emotions. Twisted Tales Road to Hope consists of precise and yet beautifully poetic portraits, narrative actions and landscapes. This conscious randomness of the photographs create the feeling of a lifelong road trip taking forward through events, emotions and encounters. Twisted Tales strongly balances between the thin interface of real and imaginary. And everything seems so familiar yet there is something strange. Henttonen s undertone of wistful melancholy is present throughout the series in the landscape and peoples gestures but at the same time there is this distinct feeling of hope. Twisted Tales is like life, a unique and exciting travel with joy and sadness of desire and despair combining the most personal with things common. Memories, dreams and reality mix up to profound layers. Despite the flashbacks from the past and the unexpected turns this journey is going forward. It almost feels like a puzzle that will never really be complete. There will always be something little out of place, a little bit twisted.

Kustantaja Hatje Cantz

Markus Henttosen kirja Twisted Tales

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