9.Solutions Barracuda Clamp

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Barracuda clamp on kuin Super clamp, mutta parempi! Tämän pitäisi löytyä kaikkien valo- ja videokuvaajien kalustosta.

Weight: 550 g
Clamping Range: 0-60mm
Max Load: 20 kg

(1x) 5/8” Receptacle
(1x) 3/8”-16 Female Thread
(1x) 1/4”-20 Female Thread
(2x) M6 Female Thread
(4x) M5 Female Thread
(1x) Anchor Point for Cable or Rope

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The Barracuda Clamp is the real super clamp that delivers more versatility and innovation than any other clamp on the market. Whether round, square, or flat, the Barracuda Clamp will open wider and bite with more force than the competition. Its unique mouth design allows it to clamp onto different shaped objects without any additional pieces, and the clamping pressure is spread more equally than the competitor’s. It also features a true snap-in socket that locks down when a pin is inserted, allowing you to hang equipment with one hand.

– No friction in clamping mechanism when opening and closing
– Stronger clamping force than the competition
– Fits with all super clamp adapter pieces and studs
– Snap-in socket locks down on 5/8” pins when inserted
– 0-60mm mouth opening
– Kipp lever for tight spaces

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