Broncolor LED F160 Versatility Kit

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Sisältää Broncolorin F160 LED-valon lisäksi tarvikkeita, akun, heijastimen ja kätevän kantolaukun.

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Battery or main powered, the LED F160 Versatility Kit offers you the possibility to work in studio or on-location. To better shape the light, two reflectors are included: the standard umbrella reflector and the L40 reflector. This kit is easily transportable using the included Flash bag 1.1. Thanks to the powerful 12’000 lumens, the adjustable colour temperature, and the manual focusing, you will be ready for every video or photograph task. Ideal for vlog, video interviews or portrait photography.

1 LED F160
1 Standard reflector
1 Umbrella reflector
1 Li-Ion battery 36 V XLR
1 Charger for Li-Ion battery 36 V XLR
1 V-Mount stand clamp for Li-Ion battery 36 V XLR
1 Flash Bag 1.1
1 Mains adapter
1 Quick Guide
1 Safety Instructions