F&V BK4-2 Z800 Ladonovet

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Ladonovet F&V Z800 ja K8000 LED-paneeleille.

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Control the light spread of your 1×2 LED Panel Light, such as the Z800S Soft, Z1200 UltraColor, or K8000 Plus with this four leaf barn door kit. The kit includes the top, bottom, and two side barn door flags. The flags easily attach to the included FAF-2 Filter Frame with thumbscrews. The FAF-2 uses the new mounting system found on the Z800S Soft lights. The frame quickly snaps onto the light and is locked into place. When it needs to be removed, press the button on each corner of the light to release the frame.

NOTE: The FAF-2 is only compatible with lights that use the new push-button corner mounts. If your light has the old style of mounting corners please contact us on how to upgrade your light to enable you to use the full range of grids and barn doors.

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